What are you waiting for? And why are you waiting?

I look around in life and I see stasis everywhere. So many people wait for no good reason. They wait for someone else to go first, they wait to try something new, they wait to try harder next time. And, in the process, they wait for their lives to begin, even as the clock ticks so loudly it’s amazing we are not all struck deaf by the booming. Yet, we wait, wait, wait.

I get it and I don’t get it. I was one who waited. Hell, I spent twenty years waiting to be who I am. But once I gave up that safe, horrible addiction of waiting, life exploded in the most fantastic ways. So, take it from me: don’t wait. Go now. Do now. Be now. Yeah, action is scary. The weight on the bar is scary. The height of the rope climb is scary. Showing your heart is absolutely fucking frightening. But it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

You hardly ever hear someone say: “I wish I had started later.”

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