The Filthy 50 Temptress

Hey Barry, how was your first Filthy 50?

You have to love a man who, in times of trouble, makes up his own swear words!

(The FF might have had its way with Barry, but you should see the man toss a 20lb wall-ball like it’s a penny. Barry’s march towards total domination of CrossFit continues!)

As you can see, Kirk loved his FF too!

So too did Chris. (And then, after the photo, he asked for 3 seconds off his official time. But, he is sooo smitten by the FF temptress. He’ll be calling her name in a few more weeks.)

  • Chris

    So I came to a very amusing conclusion this morning that I thought I would share with you all. Follow this logic if you will:

    1. Several of us (myself included) posted considerably worse times for this FF, even though we were using the same standards as last time.

    2. When I discussed the possible cause of this phenomenon with Lis, she suggested that our recent focus on strength training as opposed to metcon workouts might have had an effect on our times.

    3. This being the case, we do not have the endurance to handle the physical tasks required by metcon workouts like we used to be able to.

    4. Therefore, in some sick, twisted, CrossFit way, we are out of shape.

  • becky

    I love your conclusion Chris – somehow everyday I go to Crossfit I realize that I am “out of shape”; the soreness, the loss of breath, and the threat of pukie visiting. Yet I still tell people that I am in the best shape of my life. It is definitely ironic. It is the motivating factor that keeps us all coming back; we want to get better, stronger, faster. Or maybe we are all slightly masochistic…

  • Chris

    @Becky- I couldn’t agree with you more. I also tell people that I’m in the best shape of my life (which is the truth). And yet, every time I can’t get that 5th bench rep or bang out those last 12 “Helen” pull-ups in rapid succession, I realize how far I still have to go.

    And Lis already knows that I’m already dying to get to the next FF to redeem myself. 39+ minutes? For shame…

  • Kathrine

    Yes Becky, you got it right lol….
    Actually, I think a ton depends on your mood and who you are working out with.. I find my abilities range greatly depending who is around and how I feel that day… and let us not forget, was everyone’s form WAY better today???? Stupid form, slows me down every time!
    In the same line of thought…….I think alot about that article from a while back that said,”Crossfitters are training for and act of heroisim that may never come..” – if the time ever came, I think I might be too sore to do anything! I know Lis will carry children off 2 at a time but I can hardly wait tables some days- I might need her help too lol….

    I know I missed 2 mornings… (6am not possible when you work nights).. gonna run the derby green again (3.4 miles).. I’ll post the time later….

  • Rich

    Chris, I knew I liked you. I guess it makes sence, at least it works for me (Mary too) because FF kicked my ass by almost 2 min. Pukie was a knocking and the lights were getting dim.
    But like Becky said it’s what keeps you coming back (to the mistress of pain)

  • Chris

    @Katherine- You missed all the fun yesterday! See how happy Barry was? Also, did anyone else claim those Jets tickets yet? I’ve been trying to find someone else to go with me, but haven’t found any takers yet.

  • Lisbeth

    Chris, allow me to clarify:

    Strength is the basis of a good metcon time. The stronger you are, the faster you will be.

    Hence, our focus on building strength, combined with mini-metcons is actually a great plan, and one that is followed by many other affiliates with great success, including CF Boston.

    But here’s the rub: number of WODs per week. Ideally, you should vary the focus on strength with a variety of metcon-only days, ala the CF Main Site WOD. What I believe has happened among our merry band of brothers is that, due to our love affair with the barbell (and who could blame us? It’s the flippin’ bomb!) some of us have repeatedly hit the strength sessions and skipped the metcon days or the “craziness” days of longer throwdowns like the Filthy 50.

    The solution? Attack your weaknesses. If your weakness was strength and you attacked it well, perhaps it is now time to refocus a bit on metcon and attack that.

    The ultimate goal is to reach the point where you blend all of these categories into your week of workouts. But that usually requires a 5x/week commitment.

    Do you have the time to be REALLY fit? That’s the question to ask yourself.

    Well, that and where can I get cold beer at a reasonable price?

  • Dan

    Chris I agree with you but its a 2-way street… routines used to consist of much more strength training and absolutely no metcon work / bodyweight work. Consequently my numbers on bench, squats & deads have all dropped slighting since then but its somewhat of a trade off considering i would never do any metcon work, front squat, ohs, push press, snatch, push jerk (still can’t) etc …… a big part of my numbers decling was from not doing those big 3 excersises as frequently as i used to so I’m tyring to incorporate them back into my routines as warmups prior to the metcon work (kinda like MOP woman makes you all do). For me crossfit is about finding that balance between the two but its like a pendelum constantly swinging back and forth.

  • Lisbeth

    Oh — and K’s comments were RIGHT on target.

    Even if she wasn’t wearing her shirt as she was typing.

  • Lisbeth

    Nice words, Dan!

    Even if you aren’t wearing your shirt either.

  • Dan

    ha!…. lis with the ninja post

  • Jill

    Isnt it a little early in the day to be going shirtless???

  • Chris

    @Lis- I’m definitely guilty of coming on just the strength days most weeks. I think I’m going to make an effort to do at least one metcon day every week.

  • Jill

    In all seriousness though, as someone who coaches for a living & writes workouts I see this a lot with my club swimmers. In a 6 day practice cycle, I have to include technique, speed work, aerobic, ananerobic & specialization. We typically do our speed work on Tues & Thurs and they know this. I have kids that come to practice on those days plus 1 other day. They have gotten a little faster in each event but never see the full improvement that the kids who come to practice every day see. Those kids see great improvements in all of their events & strokes, thoughout the entire season and expecially when we shave & taper.

    Since I have a full understanding of it, I should take my own advice & make sure I do crossfit 5x week but as I like to tell me swimmers – do as I say, not as I do!!!

  • Lisbeth

    Excellent post, Jill!

    And I have one question: are you wearing your shirt?


    Beware — I am in “Vacation Mode” already! All bets are off!

  • Kathrine

    2nd that stupid run messed me up. The green shoes must go. They gave me blisters again.. first 2 miles were 17 mins the last 1.4 took me 18 mins cause my foot really hurt— so, finally, i took off my shoes and limped to the end… :-(
    3rd… @ Chris you can come alone if you want 3 is better than 2… and STOP SPELLING MY NAME WRONG!!!! It is clearly @ the top of my posts!!!!!
    4th… Who the heck is this imaginary “Dan” who keeps posting on our blog??????????

  • Kathrine

    OMG — jill said “shave” bahahaha.. can’t believe I missed that! I must be feeling weak-I need a pb&j……

  • Jill

    Todays my last day of freedom for the next 9 months so I called in sick so of course I’m topless….just waiting for the mailman to come!

  • Nathan

    Alas, I too have been thinking about this strength training vs metcom paradigm thingy Chris brings up – I suppose my schedule has typically put me at class on those days, but I have been strangely longing for some “full length” metcons. I am going to try to make it a point to try to do at least 1 heavy metcon day out of my 2 days. When I can get to CF New Britain on Saturdays that is usually something Metcon (where I typically get my ass handed to me)…. but, yeah, I have noticed my endurance waning, especially when out on my bikes.

    I dunno. But I really wish I was there for the FF yesterday! Instead I was in front of various computers across the state from 9am to 11:30pm. Ugh. Well, maybe it will help me afford 3x a week!?

  • Chris

    @KATHRINE WITHOUT AN “E”- Boy, is my face red! Sorry about that! I can’t believe I’ve been making that mistake for so long.

  • Lisbeth

    Dan is not imaginary! He is the legendary King of the Overhead Squat!

    (K — you have soooo been missing out.)

    Dan, feel free to challenge K to an OHS duel. Barbells at 50 paces.

    Shirtless. Of course.

    (Jill — I just saw the UPS guy heading up your street! Get ready!)

  • Kirk

    Yes, we need to see Dan and Kathrine do an OHS challenge, since they are the king and queen of OHS at CF Watertown. I, too, was dragging last night for the FF. However, I don’t know what my times were previously. Lis, do you have those? I imagine I was much slower because I think I was in the lower 30′s before, and was around 39 last night. The burpees, especially, were killer. I could never do more than five at a time!. That said, I guess we can expect more LONG metcons….UGH!!! But, I guess we need it.

  • Kathrine

    I FEAR NO OHS!!! lol

    Jill- I’m totally on my way to hand with you n the ups guy!!!!

    Chris… it’s ok that you cannot read.. I understand lol .. If you wanna go- call Lis, she can give you my #- rather not post it here…

    PS- seriously… we rely have no life people… this is getting crazy lol.. go outside and DO SOMETHING!!! :-)

  • Lisbeth

    Everybody should read what Larry (of the evil Power Barn) wants to do next weekend. CrossFit Naked. I’m not kidding. Go read his comment over in yesterday’s mania — aka the Daily Comments under “Um, People?”

  • Rich

    Leave us all remember, as our MOP Lis (and she is the best) has pointed out that the ultimate CF level of fitness is that balance between the strength element and the endurance element all driven by the intencity element. We have all “learned” (with MOP in your face) you don’t stop until you can’t do another, then do 5 more. Myself personaly, will do 4-5 days and my goal would be to do everything RX including Metcons.
    Anyone else up for it?

  • Kathrine

    Larry ur a FREAK!!!!!!! WHOOO HHOOOO!!!!!

  • Dan

    I’m so down for the OHS challenge when I get back from vacation (hopefully barry hasn’t learned how to OHS by then)…

    @K(upcake) ….. this “imaginery” Dan is totally going to dominate the topless OHS duel if he can ever make it to a class during the week

  • Kathrine

    Shit…Dan dan the funny man…. well usually “dominate” and my name in one sentence= a good time…. but I see this Danny fellow wants 2 fight…. it’s on Dan… bring your big girl panties, it’s gonna be rough…

    Sue you coming to the duel??? I know you can’t say no!!! :-)

  • Lisbeth

    KUPCAKE! Hahaha! I love it!

    And did anybody notice Rich totally “man up” in his post?

    Sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown down . . .

  • Melissa

    AAHHH, as probably the lone CF watertown member who loves and lives for met con days….I’m sure I can come up with a couple good ones next week! It does make it tough when your schedule dictates what days you are able to come to work out, esp. if they happen to fall mainly on the strength days. But here lies the beauty of the met con…minimal equipment needed, just dig deep into the darkest depths of you exercise mind (What would MOP do?) come up with some disturbing number of lunges, pushups, burpees, ect…throw in a couple rounds of running and voi-la…you got yourself a met con! Now when you are too tired to drag yourself to a sat/sun AM session or miss thur. craziness…you can do something on your own at home…minus of course MOP in your face screaming “5 more!” and the commraderie of others suffering with you and pushing you harder…but it works. CF is tough, demanding, and frustrating, but thats what keeps up coming back because the payoff of conquering that WOD or lift makes everything worthwhile! It’ so great to work out with a group of people constantly trying to push themselves further physically than ever before! Oh and someone please remind me of this when I am finally able to resume the strength workouts that I’m not so fond of =)

  • Melissa

    LOL…K you’re the best…I say we start a little pool here on the OHS shirtless throw down…i’m going with K, i think Dan may be a bit distracted watching his opponent.

  • Kathrine

    Bahahaha .. Melissa YOU ARE THE BEST !!!! I fear your metcon creations, really- I’m actually whimpering in the corner…

    I saw Rich’s post… my hope was that everyone would ignore it… i can’t handle it. Rich is too much man for me.. I swear the met-con days are the worst.. and Rich is nuts!!!! lol

    If I could just lift all day I’d be the happiest girl in the world…

  • becky

    I was actually pretty happy with my performance and met-con time last night and I think a large par of it was that I have been joining Melissa (aka “Sunday MOP”) for the Sunday workouts which have been largely met-con. Combining Sundays with 3 days of strength training and mini met-cons during the week with MOP Lis I think was the key for me.

    And to the CFW crew, I am very impressed with all of you! I came home from my 20 mile bike ride (don’t be too impressed it was all flat and paved) to find 29 posts! 29 posts and they actually revolved around exercise and healthy living.

    We need to bring back the discussions about meat, balls, snatches, boxes, and kitty cats :)

    I will video tape the shirtless OHS comp between “Imaginary” Dan and KathRine.

    Lis – Enjoy your greatly deserved vacation!

  • Jill

    I’m with Melissa on the fact that Dan wont be able to concentrate!!

  • Rich

    I’m with becky, I’l hold the camera

  • Rich

    Has no one got a life? Or is everyone having a slow Fri at work like me. TGIF Sorry KathRine TGIOG

  • Kathrine

    BAHAHA.. Ur all sick…. and that’s why I feel like I’m surrounded by family when I’m at the gym lol….

    Rich …1) It’s is a bit strange we all have nothing to do today lol.. It seems only Nate and Jackie have jobs!
    2) If you could only understand my hate for the would cry for me, ugh.. I dread every shift… lol

    Oh and happy vaycay to LIS!!!!!!! I expect you to keep up on the burpees!!

  • Lisbeth

    Actually, my life IS CF! I LOVE my jobs!

    Becky — true, true, true! (About the boxes and snatches and kitties — and that exercise stuff.)

    And Melissa — totally on track too.

    And Rich, I think that’s actually “TGIK” — Thank God It’s Kathrine!

    (Or, Katharine, at least to Chris.)

  • Chris

    Great. That’s the magic of the Internet – proof of your mistakes that can never be erased… unless you’re an administrator. (A little help, Nate?)

    I’m all for doing whatever I can as Rx’ed, but as I’ve noticed before, trying to push it when I’m physically not really ends up doing nothing for me (remember that Fight Gone Bad, Lis?). However, if I can do something Rx’ed, you can rest assured that I’m doing it. (Which reminds me that I need to get to mastering those double unders before the next FF!)

  • Chris

    Also, we have DESTROYED the record for amount of replies to one post. Bravo, people! Hooray for having no lives or no work to do!

  • Kathrine

    Yes!! over the 40 comment hump!!!! whhoo hooo!! I said hump in a totally legit post!!!!
    Becky???? Anything to say????? lol

  • Rich

    @Chris, RX’ed is the goal. working toward it is the task, not going their and getting hurt just to say you did it. Just don’t settle on where you’re at.

  • becky

    HAHAHA KathRine said hump!!!!!!!!!

    that makes me smile :)

  • Chris

    @Rich- Believe you me, I always push the limits of what I do (even when I think I can’t). But I know better than to go overboard, lest I want shoulder pain like I had for a month back in May. How young and naive I was back then…

  • Lisbeth

    This thread is nothing without a trebuchet video. Nate, pay attention!

  • Kathrine

    So, I’m heading to the dreaded OG.. Just a little side thread..
    During wallball (one of my fav’s).. I prefer to use the small balls… I find the large balls a bit uncomfortable. However, I hear some people prefer large balls…..
    Taking a survey…. what are your preferances people?????
    Signin off till 11 or so,

  • Chris

    HAHAHAHA Vacation Mode Lis rocks!

    @Cathorinnne- Hopefully, we’ll be at 100+ comments by 11:00!

  • Lisbeth

    I say we BUILD a trebuchet! I bet we could reach the Power Barn from here!

    And, Chris, stop picking on Katarina. If we need somebody to misspell, we’ll call on an expert — like Rich. Or CrossFit Potomac.

  • Chris

    “I say we BUILD a trebuchet!” – That might be the smartest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say. Ever.

  • Jackie

    Hey Guys,
    Who’s going to CF tonight?

  • Jill

    Katherine- I prefer the smaller ball also. The large ones make it hard to handle… Hope wrrk isnt too rough tonight!

    Jackie – I just took a 2 hour nap so I’ll be there, ready to get me a$$ kicked

  • Jackie

    My preference on balls depends on the mood I’m in that day…

  • Jen

    Wow, you guys talk alot!

    As Lis knows I’m a fan of the mini-metcons. I’ve seen huge gains. Because My real job is Blue-collar Physical labor I can’t kill myself during the WOD.
    I like to do two-a-days of short blasters. Then on my strength days go high reps medium weight or just go big. My body fat has dropped and I’m actually faster at many things.

    I guess it has to do with your goals. I want to be fit and strong but I don’t need to be a power-lifting beast or a metcon beast. Taking fitness into my mid life crisis is my goal! lol

    So much talk about balls and being topless…what the hell is going on in CT?

    Recovery equals gains!

    Re-read Lis’s post about clarifying. It’s spot on and well said.

  • becky

    Barry and I will NOT be at Crossfit tonight. We may play with balls at home. He prefers bigger, heavier balls. I however prefer a smaller ball with a grip – something that my hands will really stick to especially when I am all sweaty and hot.

    And Lis – The trebuchet was the most random thing ever! Loved it!

  • Sue Loz

    I know I’m a little late to the party…but Katherine, I’d love to get in on that overhead squat challenge. I will not, I repeat not, be topless however. And as someone who CF’s 5 times a week, I can vouch for the efficacy of the program. Who just lost another 10 lbs.???? I did, that’s who. Were lookin’ at the big 80!!!!! Can you freakin’ bleieve it? Give me the filthy fifty any day people…. I am a woman unleashed!

  • becky

    Sue I am so Happy for you! The other day I was actually thinking that it looked like you had lost more weight! Keep up the good work.

    If Sue is squatting, I will go topless and we can be a team!

  • Lisbeth

    Sue! Another 10 lbs! Awesome!

    You are amazing. Each day, I’m glad to know you.

    Take care, everybody and enjoy your week with the Metcon MOP Melissa (Oooh, I love alliteration) and the newest Man Of Pain Kirk!

    You guys are in good hands!

  • Jill

    My margarita dinner was delicious! Though I dont know about anyone else, but I cant move my body from tonites workout. Lis – Thanks for sending us off with that WOD! Enjoy vacation & dont be surprised when we all are metcon pros!!!

    Sue – You rock!

  • Lisbeth

    Team Topless Workouts!

    Becky, you’re a genius! Why didn’t I think of this before?

    I might have to cancel my vacation for this!

  • Chris

    @Lis- We’re still building the trebuchet, right?

  • Kathrine

    Becky I hope your ball playing went well this evening…

    Sue I’m soooooo proud of you!!!!!! you are amazing!

    Trebuchet?! Hell’s Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna go cut some freakin trees down right now!- less talk more action!!! I wonder how far a kettlebell would go????

  • Rich Boucher

    I’m still holding the camera, right ?

  • Nathan

    Yup…. I definitely gotta hit them metcon days some more, I got my ass handed to me (as usual and once again) at Crossfit Central CT on Saturday :)

    And holy crap, GO SUE!!!

  • Shlomo

    Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult.