Famous Last Words

“That doesn’t look too bad.”

These are famous last words in CrossFit, but you just don’t realize it when you say them. You’re just reading the workout on the whiteboard and letting words run out of your mouth. In your head, you’re a badass and this is just another WOD, right?

Wrong. “That doesn’t look too bad” almost always translates (post-WOD) into “HolyfuckthatwasawfulwhatthehellwasIthinking?” At least, if you go hard. (And, if you’re not going hard for you, what are you doing in a CrossFit gym?) That is, you realize these things post-WOD after you can function again and you don’t feel like emptying everything you ever ate in your entire life onto the mat. (Including that pizza and orange soda you wolfed down in the 6th grade — it’s all fucking coming up. Years and years of food, maybe a few internal organs too.) But when you say those words the first time? “That doesn’t look too bad” — well, you’re really not sure of what you’re saying. We get that. We’ve all been there.

Other famous last words you may be uttering pre-WOD:

“I got this.”


“What do you mean ‘Go light?’ I can tear this shit up.”

You will probably not repeat these words, if you’re smart. If you’re stupid (like me) you will utter them all a ridiculous number of times before you realize you’re an idiot,  and that silence is your friend.

So, go ahead. Say those famous last words. We all need a good chuckle before 3-2-1-Go!


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