Why Worry?

Do you think a lot about what your competition is doing? In the gym? In business? Do you imagine what another athlete is lifting, or practicing, or eating? Do you worry about what the next affiliate is saying about you? Or what they’re writing or putting in front of their members? Do you worry that the gal in the next office is going to get a promotion before you?

Why? What is the point of worrying about these things?

You can’t control a damn thing anyone else does. You can only control yourself — and even that takes work!

Every moment you spend obsessing over what someone else is doing is one more moment you could have spent improving yourself, and possibly improving the lives of others.

You’re not going to get extra minutes in this life. There’s not some magical “bonus round” at the end of your days. When your time here is up, it’s UP.

So, use every moment. The person who worries what their competition is doing? That’s the person who is not confident in their own abilities. So, stop being that person. Act like you own your world and maybe you will …

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)

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