Just Keep Moving

Some mornings, you wake up and feel like somebody beat you with a stick while you slept. The 5am alarm doesn’t just ring in your ears, it rings all over your body. Muscles ache, joints creak, and you start to think that doing nothing today is the best idea you’ve had in years. But you pull on your gear in the dark and head to the WOD. Although you don’t realize it at that exact moment, this is the best idea you’ll have all day.

Why? Because movement is key, even on the days that you don’t feel like moving. In fact, movement is even more important on those days. Movement is life.

Unfortunately, ahead, at some point, there may be plenty of days to just sit when you can’t move anymore. Plenty of time to rest when you’re ill, enough hours to relax when relaxing is all you can do. Sickness and death don’t ask for a warm-up. They just appear and camp on your porch like the unwanted visitors they are.

Before you start with your excuses, let me say that I’m not talking all crazy “You should never rest” talk. I’m not saying you should work out when you’re sick or you’re injured. I’m just saying that sometimes you have to have to listen to your gut instead of your brain. Sometimes you have to override your inner wuss and slap yourself around a little. Sometimes you need to get to class and do something.

Now is the time to be active. Whatever your age, whatever your condition, whatever your athletic ability, now is the time to move. Old, young, firebreather, midde-of-the-pack, last-place-finisher, grump or ray of sunshine, just get moving and get to the box. Once you’re there and your body is in motion, everything will get better.

Even if you don’t set any PRs, you’ll feel like a million bucks just because you kept moving.

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