Non-CrossFit Shirts?

“Do you have any t-shirts that don’t say ‘CrossFit’ on them?”

Somebody asked me this question once, and it took a moment before I could reply.

“Yes. The ones I don’t wear.”

I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I open that drawer and go to grab a t-shirt, there are only two choices: shirts that make me feel alive, and shirts that make me feel like everybody else in this world.

Non-CrossFit shirts seem “normal” or boring, or safe and unwilling to try. Some shirts might as well say “I accept the sucky status quo.” Or “I gave up trying long ago.” Or “I’m okay with mediocre.”

 And so I usually grab one of the CrossFit shirts, because they remind me of not only what I’ve done, but also, more importantly, of who I could be, if I keep working hard and I keep throwing my heart on the line.

So, yeah, I have shirts that don’t say CrossFit on them. And, mostly, I wonder why I even bought them.


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  • Martin Whysall

    Feel obligated with your thinking. One must think like to this that makes a person absolutely unique and also like your fancy t-shirt.

  • PamelaMKramer

    That’s awesome!