Did You Go As Fast As Khalipa?

Folks have pride in CrossFit. Pride in going hard, giving it all, throwing their hearts on the line. I get that. I like it. Heck, I love it. We’re a community where doing more than you think you can is very important — and so is cheering on your buddy to give his all.

But, sometimes, that bravado steps over the line into bullshit. Like when you hear somebody talking smack about how a workout should not be scaled, or “Everybody should just man up and do that shit.” Or they scoff at the RX’d weights “That’s too light.”

Really? Mr/Mrs. Tough Guy, you know what everybody should do?

Well, I have one handy-dandy reply that fits all the bulltalk. One question that you can use in any situation, anytime, anywhere you want. The next time somebody goes on about their own badassery or you hear them running down a workout, and you need to provide a little perspective because their ego is sucking all the air out of the room, just say this:

“Did you go as fast as Khalipa?”

Boom. They can take a seat on the Shut The Fuck Up Bench.

Because unless your time is like our buddy Jason’s (or Froning or Holmberg or Iceland Annie or Julie Foucher or anybody who has proven themselves to be a certified ironhard fuckyouup motherfucker) then you just need to shut your trap and work harder. (Gasp! Please, friends, pray for my soul, I used the Devil’s Language again!)

In fact, maybe that’s what we all need to do. Shut up and work harder. Perhaps everything in life will improve.

Smacktalkers, see ya at the gym! And you better be going as fast as Khaaaa-liiip-aaa …

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