The Simple Truth

iliftI lift. That’s what I do. This shirt communicates that pretty darn clearly. Wish life was always that easy, huh?

Like if I walked into my CrossFit gym and one shirt said “Traps are really sore.” Or another one said “My ankle hurts” or the one in the back just read “Bloated. Cranky. I might snap for no reason.”  Yeah, that would be sweet. Even if the shirt said, “Just laid off. Don’t ask” — that would be kind of good to know. We’d all be a little bit kinder, maybe a tad funnier, maybe better at being a shoulder to lean on.

Communication is not the easiest task in front of us each day. Even as we race as a society towards quicker, better, and more comprehensive communication, we fall prey to the distance in our lives. We’re overwhelmed, overtasked, and (often) underserved by the very means of communication that seduce us into thinking we will be more in touch.

The answer doesn’t lie in my iPhone or my Mac. The answer lies in putting all that sh** down and talking to each other in real time. Like what we do for an hour in a CrossFit gym each day. No headphones, no e-mail, no texting, no isolation. Just people and sweat and effort and a common workout.

It seems simplistic — and that’s the beauty of it all. It is simple. Many of the best things in life are. I lift. Any questions?

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