Getting Called Out

The woman next to me called me out in class today.

I was about to strip some weight off my barbell to get down to the RX (women’s) weight for the metcon and she yelled over at me (and wagged her finger!): “Na-uh. Don’t you dare. You can handle that weight.”

I was shocked. And kind of pleasantly surprised. See, this woman doesn’t really know me. Barely knows my name. Doesn’t even Facebook. So it doesn’t matter to her who I am or what I do for CrossFit. She just knew I was someone about to not live up to my potential and she wasn’t going to let that happen, not during her gym time. She stood there and gave me a staredown that would make a mugger give back a purse.

I gave one more try, with a grin, and nodded at my barbell: “But that’s RX plus.”

Now, she smiled too: “That’s okay. You can handle it.”

Ah. Accountability: it’s what’s for breakfast at your CrossFit affiliate. I did the RX plus weight and was glad I did. Sometimes you need to get called out. It’s good for your soul, and your lift . . .

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)


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