I can’t will it out of you.

I can’t pull the effort from you. I can’t tug on your heart and make this beautiful accomplishment appear, like a magician with a bouquet of roses popping from my closed hand.

I wish I could. If there was a way, I’d do the work of 10 women, just to give 9 people a break for a little while. I was born with extra energy: I should get to share it like that.

But I can’t. You have to bring it.

You have to conjure the fire and the drive, you have to build the passion, you have to fan your own flame from a few sparks.

You might think you can’t. You’re tired, you have a lot of responsibilities; life — and everyone you know — needs so much from you.

But, oh, you have wells within you that you have not even begun to tap. Depth and darknesses that carry so much power and energy that whole cities could be lit from your current, if we all lived in some superhero land.

But we’re not superheroes and Wonder Woman only lives in our hearts.

But maybe that’s enough. Maybe you and me and these words and these barbells are the start of something big. Maybe. There’s only one way to know for sure. Walk through the doors. CrossFit. And, then . . . if it works, if your life is better because you CrossFit, tell the others. Tell them all. Don’t leave anyone behind.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)


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