Be Simple. Be Clear.

Be simple. Be clear.

These two rules can help you in almost every facet of your life. Be simple. Be clear.

The world is full of obfuscation, both witting and unwitting. There are those who want to slant and side and trick and evade — convince you of this thing to buy or that thing to believe. Millions of dollars are made by selling “expert” knowledge, because so many want so desperately to believe and be led. They’re confused and so they become targets and “demographics” … instead of people.

But what if we talked in truths? What if we made our thoughts known in a simple and clear manner?

CrossFit was born out of the Bullshit Wasteland. It rose up out of isolation and machines and pseudo-science. It was the result of one man saying “What the fuck are you all doing?” And it became the cry of a people who appreciated effort and the cold, hard truth — as painful as that could be.

Be simple. Be clear.

Do not mistake this for being stupid, or for doing easy things. Simplicity is elegance — and great simplicity is immensely hard to attain — in thought, in writing, in art, or love. The world is a complex, messy place. Take what is confusing and convert it to understanding; this is what we do as coaches, as parents, as friends.

Be simple. Be clear. In the gym. In your words. In your deeds. In your love. And watch what happens …

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)

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