CrossFit Couple

MaryrichmbcleanRich and Mary (shown here practicing Mary’s favorite — the Medicine Ball Clean) have left for the Women’s NCAA Final Four (and we miss them already!) but we’re confident their CrossFit metabolic conditioning will help them outcheer rival fans and lead the UConn women to another championship!


Rich and Mary doin’ some Wallball . . .


After a WOD, having some fun with a Med Ball while balancing on Wobble Boards — not an easy feat! Let’s see those UConn women do that! (Okay, so maybe they can. And then some. And maybe we just better shut up now before a lot of tall, angry women show up at our door and teach us the real meaning of the term "pick and roll.")

And, an interesting article over at the New York Times: Tighten Your Belt, Strengthen Your Mind.


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