Are You Ready?

Either you’re ready … or you’re not.

Either you’ve been preparing for this moment … or you’re screwed. 

Either you know what kind of motor you’ve got … or you’re about to be bigtime surprised.

Any which way, the time is here. The Open starts tonight. The first workout will get announced and your heart will drop into your stomach and you’ll feel a little sick — and that’s just from hearing the workout. Now, imagine how sick you’re going to feel after the workout.

And yet, you’re going to play. And even have some kind of fun doing it.

We’re sick, weird, strange, bizarre, freakish, crazy people. And we like it that way.

Time to pony up and show what you’re made of. If you’ve been slacking on the WODs and your nutrition this year? You’re about to get found out. If you’ve been cheating your reps and writing scores on the board that you didn’t really earn? Shit’s about to hit the fan.

But if you’ve been hard and fast and true? That work is about to pay off for you.

Time to dance. Good luck, CrossFitters …

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