Forging Elite Fitness For Everyone

mariedeadliftLook at Marie rockin’ her bodyweight deadlift! That’s a PR — congrats, Marie!

And, in a nutshell, that’s CrossFit Watertown. We’re as proud of Marie lifting her own bodyweight for the first time as we are if we sent an athlete to the CrossFit Games.

We’re about forging elite fitness for everyone. If you can lift 2x your bodyweight, you’re at home here. But if you can’t lift your grocery bags, you’re at home here too — because we know what you need to work on and we’re going to get you there — and beyond. (Um, for the record, Marie can lift her grocery bags, my grocery bags, and yours too, while running at a darn good pace. Marie rocks!)

It’s hard to explain in few words, but CrossFit works. And we’re proud of all you guys.

SCHEDULE ALERT: The Sat 8am class is now at 9am. Every Saturday, until next summer. So get your butts out of bed this Saturday and join Melissa for oodles of fun.

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