Stupid CrossFit

Ever miss CrossFit? Maybe you got injured and you couldn’t work out for a few days or a couple of weeks, maybe a month. Or maybe it was just a few days and you had too much work, or you were on a trip, or you had relatives who were visiting and you could not get away from them to work out.

And you missed CrossFit – really missed it, like that deep ache when you’re miles away from a person that means a bunch to you. You distract yourself with other things but the memory, the feeling, keeps coming back and tapping on your shoulder. So much that you almost get pissed at yourself, like “What the hell? Man up. You’ve turned into a major wuss! It’s just a freakin’ gym!”

Did you ever get that with your old gym, before CrossFit? Did you really miss the machines and the people you did not talk to? Did you seriously miss the blank stares and the anonymity of the experience? Did you long to put on your iPod and zone out among the masses while a bunch of TVs blared at you? Why the hell was that experience not like this one? Why this connection? And why the heck won’t it go away?

Stupid CrossFit. Making us miss a gritty gym with a bunch of other idiots like us and some coach who won’t leave us the F alone. I hate you, CrossFit.

Same time, same place tomorrow?

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