Look, No Hands!

frontsquatinstructionFront squat instruction — learn to rack that bar so securely on your shoulders that you don’t even need to use your hands.

Okay, so we promised some new schtuff and here it is:

The February Row-st: 100K. Yup. Row 100,000 meters in Feb and you get one chance in the Rowing Raffle to be held on March 1st. If you don’t have a log card, see one of the coaches and buy one for $5 (which is less than it will cost you off the C2 site.) No, you cannot combine efforts on this one. 100K by one person only.

The Hundred Club: A new concept that will enhance your CFW experience and reward you too. Doesn’t cost one dime. First meeting is this Saturday at 10am in the Club Room.

Hey, quick, look over to the right sidebar! What’s there? A rowing seminar by Jon Gilson in April and the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification in May! Sign up now. Really. Don’t wait and be locked out while all the cool kids are hanging with Jon and Coach B . . .

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