CrossFit and Bad Girls

CrossFit likes bad girls. Hell, CrossFit creates bad girls.

Pick the weight up. Throw the weight down. Swear out loud if you want to. Stand in a room with a bunch of half-naked hot bodies. Wear overpriced pants that make your ass look and feel fantastic. Sweat. Breathe heavy. Finish. Lay on the floor, exhausted, eyes closed, chest heaving. Get up and do it all again tomorrow.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: The barbell changes women. No properly coached CrossFit woman is immune to the lure — the Siren call — of the barbell.

Come here. I’ll take you places you always wanted to go. Put your hands on me. Feel what your power can do.

CrossFit is fantastic for men, but for women? Often, nothing short of transformative. For an hour a day, you get to take all of society’s polite expectations and old baggage and haunts of years gone by and throw that sh** in the corner. Pick up the barbell and become who you always wanted to be but were scared to really become. For an hour a day, you are the bad girl. Enjoy it . . . and go tell all your girlfriends, because every woman should get to feel like a bad girl sometimes . . .

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