Choosing to Adjust

Adjusting: this is the hard part of life. We think it’s the obstacles, the people, the things that happen to us. But, often, it is our own failure to adjust that causes more pain.

Think about it.

You pull that deadlift off the ground. Something’s not right in your stance, or your grip. Do you just keep pulling the next four in the same manner, the pain searing now instead of throbbing — the signal that something is not just hard but truly painful and wrong? Or do you adjust your stance, maybe move your grip — and wow, that weight sure came up easier.

The trick was the willingness to adjust. The stance we take at the onset of most things does not have to be the one we maintain at all costs. If the situation warrants — and you’re smart enough to realize that a change would do you good — then make the change.

Adjust: In your lift, in your life, in your relationships. If something is not working, pay attention to your effort and determine what you can change. Don’t assume it’s the bar’s fault or another person’s. Maybe it is you. Maybe you just need to adjust your own attitude, your own stance, your own life. After all, that’s the one thing you can control. So be really smart about it. Pick up what you can, and leave on the ground what you must.

Now try that pull again. Was that better?

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