Imagine the height you want to reach. Identify, concretely, your dream. Focus on the vision of you; what you want to feel like, look like, how you want to perform, who you want to BE in this world. Think about what that level of achievement looks like, smells like, IS: how you will be as an athlete, a friend, a partner, a parent . . . as a person.

Think of what you have to do to get there: the choices you’ll need to make in your workout, your sleep, your nutrition, your work, even think about your reactions to people and stress. How are you going to handle things?

Now, everything else in your life that is not contributing to that vision and is dragging you down and of worthless value? Get rid of it. Now. Don’t wait.

Sounds mean, does it? Might be. But you have to decide where you go from fair, into mean, or not.

You draw your own line. Decide what you want in your life and what you don’t want.
If it’s work but you want to keep it, that’s okay. Maybe you have work to do on a relationship, a friendship, a project: go ahead and do the work . . . if it’s important to you. If it’s not, then get rid of it.

It’s okay to prioritize. It’s okay to decide that this is your life and you get to decide how to live it. Be responsible but chase your dream, aim for those heights. You only get this one shot at life: live now, for it will all be over far too soon. Jump.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)

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