What We See

I’m not going to write about how CrossFit changed the way so many people look at women’s bodies … because it didn’t. We still look at women’s bodies the same way … with our eyes. (Duh. You saw that one coming, right? Tell me you did.)

Anyhow, we still ogle and obsess about women’s bodies in this society. And I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that, most of the time. Women are hot. Admit it. No matter if you’re male, female, gay, straight, bi, left-handed, or color-blind, everyone knows that women are hot. CrossFit doesn’t try to hide that. In fact, most times, we point a big spotlight at it. We look at women but (here’s the key part) we think it’s really cool that they can do shit.

That’s the difference between us and many of the others who came before. They looked at women’s bodies just to look. Aesthetics only mattered, not accomplishment. We look and say “Holy shit, do you know what she can DO?”

And maybe that is the way we changed the way people look at women’s bodies. (Including women themselves.) Now, we all see the beauty in strength. And that’s really cool …

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)


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