The Art of Forging On

Everybody has a good reason to quit. Everyone has justification to abandon their plan. There isn’t a person among us who is not hurting in some way: mentally, physically, or spiritually.

The battles are everywhere: in our minds, in our bodies, in our hearts. We would all — all of us — be justified in quitting. In stopping. In giving up.

And yet some forge on, while others fall away.

Why is that? What is the difference between those that continue and those that stop? What is the secret of perseverance? Of success?

Maybe we don’t know. Maybe we can’t really say why one person takes 15 blows — and another person crumbles under one. Weakness can be seen in muscles, but not really in the heart or soul — and that’s where so much of this battle resides. Maybe we don’t really know why one person quits, and one keeps fighting. We are all so different: in physical capacity, in mental capacity, in heart. The reasons for our perseverance would seem to be far too multi-layered over our lifetimes in order for there to be one answer.

But we do know this: You are where you have chosen to be.

Is that good news? Or not?

And how does that answer affect what you’re going to do next?

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)

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