Skill Work You Might Need

We can be a bunch of jackasses. No, seriously, we can.

We get all caught up in our CrossFit world like it’s the ONLY thing that ever matters, ever mattered, ever can matter. We love CrossFit so much that we think everyone must, and perhaps there is something deficient with someone we know because they don’t love/understand/value/treasure CrossFit.

Well, that’s kind of stupid. CrossFit might be the best thing since the invention of the wheel, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to do it — or even sit there and listen while we talk about how CrossFit is actually better than the wheel. If you find yourself in this situation — droning on while your non-CrossFitting friend (is that an oxymoron?) sits there, eyes glazed, bored out of their mind, sick of hearing about your deadlift PR — do this one simple step. Take it quickly and without hesitancy, like a really great power clean. Get your feet right, get your grip right, breathe in, and … SHUT UP.

I know, I know. Crazy advice, right? It’s hard. Definitely an advanced skill. Some of you might have to scale it — talk a little less, maybe whisper, or perhaps just walk away outright. But it’s a skill we all need to master, just like rest days or wearing a non-CrossFit shirt once every 3 years. Because there are people in our lives who are worth keeping even if they don’t CrossFit (bear with me here) and — get this — they actually have shit THEY care about too. (I know — wild, right? I didn’t believe it either when I first heard that. Blew.My.Fucking.Mind.)

So, friends, practice this skill today. Maybe tomorrow too. It’s important, like double-unders. You could save a friendship, or your own life. Just stop talking. For a little while, at least …

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