The B**** Mode

There’s this person we become when we decide that simply surviving our CrossFit workout is not enough. It’s another level, another gear, another mindset. It’s when we look at the person next to us and think “I want to beat their score.” It’s not enough anymore to simply finish. Now, we want to finish well, we want to do more, achieve more, be more.

This mode has different names; the person we become when we decide to really achieve. Some folks call it Game Face, some call it Beast Mode. But for some of us it’s Bitch Mode. And that’s okay. Bitch Mode gets the job done.

Now some of you women might be shying away from that word: bitch. You don’t like to be called one, you’ve been schooled never to act like one, you hate to even hear that word because so many times in this life, it’s been used by folks to try to keep you down. But you know what? Who cares.

Words only have the power we give them. Think about that, for a moment. The word “bitch” only has the power we give it. So when we hear it used as a noun or as a verb and it’s used negatively, against us or someone else — well, we gave it that power. We shied away from it. “Oh no, I don’t want to be called a bitch.”

Well, f*** that. Let’s take it back. Now. Bitch is our word. Ladies, when you step into the gym today and you hear the “3-2-1-Go!” I don’t want you to be nice anymore. I want you to find your inner bitch. I want you to find her and tap into her and become her for 20 min or whatever time that workout takes. Don’t be nice. Don’t be polite. Don’t be what society tells you to be. Just for those 20 minutes. Be who you need to be to get the job done and done well. Be who you need to be to achieve what you want to achieve in those 20 minutes. Dig deep, go hard, go all out. Go balls to the wall even if you don’t have any balls.

Life is short. These moments are dying in our hands. Grasp them and live — really live — now. Turn on your bitch mode for the workout. See what you can do if you really try. Then, afterward, you can be nice again and polite and sweet to each other. We want that, we need that, we love that from you. It is the best part of life. But for 20 minutes today — just during that workout — let your inner bitch fly. Let her fight and persevere. Let her conquer. It’s okay. You’re safe here. Let’s see what you can really do.

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